Freedom of Solar Technology

Solar is here

Solar has come a long way in Illinois. Despite the material prices dropping significantly over the last few years due to innovation in technology, Illinois has recently launched an incentive program that helps home, small business, and public sector customers pay for solar array systems!

How solar works

Sunlight causes an electrochemical reaction in the solar module (panel) that creates DC electricity. Inverters (or micro-inverters) take that DC electricity and convert it into usable AC electricity used for home energy loads (such as your mobile phone)!

Your system produces power during the day, feeding your household needs so you don’t have to draw from the grid. At night, when the sun goes down (and power is cheaper) your home draws energy from the grid.

The case for solar

As demand for energy increases every single day due to traditional loads going electric (think electric cars 🚙 replacing gas cars 🚘 ), the costs of electricity will continue to go higher and higher - hitting your wallet harder! By investing in solar, you are producing your own electricity at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay the utility. That alone is a no-brainer, producing your own electricity at a low rate for the next 25 years… oh, and you can get money to help you pay for it from rebate programs…!


LED & controls


LED Lighting & Smart Controls

A more intelligent use of energy

Outdated interior or exterior fixtures are energy nightmares - they consistently draw large amount of energy while giving off poor light quality. Replacing or retrofitting these fixtures can seem like a confusing task - it doesn't have to be! During the free energy assessment, our staff will go over the latest technologies with you and help you select the one that best fits your needs, and budget. 

Not only will lighting upgrades bring about energy savings, it will also improve light quality, uniformity, color and appearance. Your staff and customers will feel more at ease with bright and beautiful lighting! 

LED Fixtures - interior applications

An increasingly popular solution, LEDs are incredibly efficient light fixtures with lengthy operating lives. They provide unbelievable light quality at a fraction of the energy, and can be paired with lighting controls for maximum energy savings.


Controls can be paired with LED fixtures to make them more efficient. Controls create an “intelligent” light fixture, using energy only when needed and turning it off (or dimming it down) when full brightness isn’t necessary. A few types of controls are: occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and photocells. 

LED Fixtures - exterior applications

LED is quickly finding the quickest payback in exterior applications. Despite inherently "liking" cold temperatures (perfect for the Midwest...), LED technology boast high color-renditioning, "white light" to improve nighttime visibility for safety and visibility for potential customers.