In a world where demand for energy is increasing cost, Dominion believes that the first step in smart energy use is reducing what you're already wasting. Your facility looks good saving money.

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What we do:

We provide low-cost, energy-efficient solutions for any business size and type. Our products help you reduce operating and energy costs in various areas, such as: lighting, refrigeration, compressed air, and water.

What we believe:

We believe that the steps toward energy-efficiency should be easy and affordable. Our big-picture approach allows you to become better educated on how the waste is occurring, and what options you have to stop it in order to begin saving money.

Is it expensive?

No. As part of our process, we help you find, and use available cash incentives to offset the costs of material and installation. Don't like paperwork? Don't worry, our experienced grant writers take care of all the red tape - for free!

How we're different:

At Dominion, we place a high importance on the aesthetics, price, and functionality of our equipment. By going with Dominion, you can rest assured you've received high-quality material at the best price - all the while making your facility beautiful.

     Promoting energy-efficiency, always and in every form.                             Dominion Lighting, Inc.

    Promoting energy-efficiency, always and in every form.

                           Dominion Lighting, Inc.